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The Notice was last updated March 3, 2013


When you register for grouptwenty6.org , Group Twenty 6 collects your contact information (including your name, address and email address). This information is added to our mailing list so that, from time to time, we can send you information about new features, additions, participation in market research, and changes to Group Twenty 6's products and services. We use the credit card or payment information we acquire from you solely to fulfill your order. Information collected on grouptwenty6.org is stored in a secure database in the United States. Access to both databases is limited to authorized persons. Credit Card information is not stored in Group Twenty 6 databases, but instead remains solely in the secure databases of the credit card processing gateway.

Profile Creation

Users of Group Twenty 6 may choose to create a public user profile. Elements of the public profile may include name, title, skills, experience, videos, images. Users of Group Twenty 6 may elect to keep their entire profile, including these elements, private. Giving access to a public profile is entirely optional, but enables you to better inform and share with contacts outside of Group Twenty 6 network.

How are cookies used on the Group Twenty 6 site?

Group Twenty 6 uses permanent cookies to recognize you and possibly enable an automatic log-in to the site. Group Twenty 6 and its third-party partners may use permanent cookies to customize the edition of the site you view as well as to track aggregate site usage and statistics. We also provide session cookies that grant you certain access privileges.

Though the initial launch of Group Twenty 6 contains no advertising, Group Twenty 6 may elect to use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. Third-party advertising companies track information about your visits to this Web site to serve ads to you. In the course of advertisements being served to you, the third-party advertising company may place or recognize a unique third-party cookie or cookies on your browser. In addition, Group Twenty 6 may use Web beacons, provided by third-party advertising companies, to help manage and optimize our online advertising and product performance. Web beacons enable us to recognize a browser's cookie when a browser visits this site, and to learn which banner ads bring users to our Web site.

Please be assured that we take your concerns about privacy quite seriously, and we intend to take every reasonable effort to protect it.

For questions, comments, or to review or correct your information, please login to your account and edit the "Account Settings" page, or contact us.